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Indian Grocery is All Delicious Snacks Sometimes

There are online sites that source authentic spices and a whole lot of things that from the Indian soil. What makes the sites special is the fact that it is not limited to provide just snacks, cereals or spices but so much more. If you navigate through the website shopping pages you might just get tired seeing a volume of items that are present. The myth that once one steps of the country, they cannot get anything, has been long busted because the portals have a wide collection of pickles, pulses and beverages. The marketing has been taken a notch higher with readymade food mixes as well as delicious desserts as well. Have a look at the items you can get.

Roasted snacks

Honey Roased Snacks.jpg

Indian Grocery is not limited to plain pulses or spices but a variety of snacks that are available online. You can get the roasted chana that has been seasoned with some of the best spices like and flavors. These include lemon, cloves, dry mango, salt, black pepper, cottonseed oil and Bengal gram. The chanas are traditionally roasted with the help of an age-old process of hand roasting that adds to the true flavor and mild sweetness. This can be enjoyed with tea and this flavored chana turns out to be the perfect accompaniment. Have the guests called over and make them taste this exceptional snack to garner as many compliments as one can.

Sugar free chavanu mix

775Kumar Mix

Besides the delicious sweets you can get lip smacking chavanu mix. This can be bought as Indian Grocery and is also a product that is enjoyed globally. It is dry hence there is no scope that it can turn rancid or stale. The mix has been put in air packets which keep the snacks from getting any moisture, hence it stays crispy. Some of the ingredients include pepper, cooking soda, coriander, cumin, caraway, mustard, chilies, iodized salt, sesame, ground nuts, chana dal, flattened maize, peanuts, coconut, flattened rice, potato chips, besan and edible oil. With the list of ingredients you can make out that the snack is heavens.

The bhujias


Apart from lunch and dinner, tea time is quite an essential segment of the day where you enjoy hot cups of tea with bikaneri bhujia. Bhujia is a snack that is fine and noodle shaped. It is made of gram flour and lentil flour that has been spiced with cardamom powder, nutmeg, mace, clove, ginger, black pepper, red chili powder, salt and spices. Thus, Online Grocery Shopping India is incomplete without the share of snacks from renowned sites like

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